Your Skin (your Body's Sentinel) and the Importance of Your Skincare Ingredients

60-75% of what we put on our skin is ultimately absorbed into our bloodstream, and the percentage of absorption rate is even higher for facial skin.  As such, at Neolaía®, we strive to use the highest quality ingredients that our bodies recognize in all our products – ingredients that are not toxic, carcinogenic or pore-clogging. Neolaía® relies on research and the age-old knowledge of common uses of substances that have been proven to be beneficial in achieving and maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

Your skincare products should be part of your arsenal in your fight to create balance in your skin and counteract the toxins and pollutants in your environment that irritate, dry out and clog your skin.  At Neolaía®,  we believe that using skin products made from natural ingredients is a superior starting point for any healthy beauty regimen. That is why at Neolaía®  we use natural and certified organic ingredients – to help achieve and maintain your natural glowing complexion.

In fact, many of our ingredients are USDA Organic Certified. These organic ingredients are sourced directly from nature and help to restore the natural radiance and beauty of your skin.  Moreover, Neolaía®  uses no parabens, artificial preservatives, mineral oils, hormones, silicones, petroleum (or petroleum products) or unnatural additives in the manufacturing of our products.  Our products are also never tested on animals – and are 100% cruelty free.